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More Exhortations by Robert Roberts

From Further Seasons of Comfort

Our Birthright  # 105

Our privilege underestimated; Renew your appreciation of the great gift; What is man?; The living waters ignored; Children of light; Bible, the Word of God - its own witness, a guide; From beginning man has set God aside; Death reigns because of sin; Let us be wise unto salvation - A remedy - teachings of the Spirit of God - grasp liberty from death; Friendship of world, enmity with God.

The Beauty of Christ

The love of Christ – Attributes of Christ – Object of universal homage -  The Coming Man – No hope apart from Christ -  In remembrance of him – Things to guard against with zeal – Constantly affirm, stand fast, sow bountifully.

What Will He Think of Us?

Called to holiness - Free from pollution, rule of righteousness - Man’s standard not a standard of ‘right’ - “Doing”, not “hearing” merely - What is the worship of God? - Full attention, complete concentration upon Deity even in song - Christ is near, take heed - The dead know not anything until the call to “come forth”; watch, therefore, for your redemption draweth nigh - Espoused to Christ, betrothed - We are not our own - Judgment: what will he think of us? - The Lord’s verdict will be based upon our ‘now’ - Neglect not today - Care not for the exaltation of man, for God’s ways are not man’s ways - Obey His commands in all aspects of life - Our assemblies are the Kingdom of God in miniature.

The Song to be Sung in Christ's Day

Comfort from God Himself through His Word - A song to be sung on the day of salvation - A day of great rejoicing by the Saints - A strong city with no mortared walls - “Open ye the gates”…by whom? The righteous ones of the Truth - We must strive to be of this class - Words of jubilant song: Now we Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, then the song will celebrate the Perfect Peace - The poor in riches, but wealthy in faith shall sing - A Book of Remembrance.

Loyalty to God # 133

Heading toward catastrophe? The whole world lies in wickedness; Lust of flesh, eyes, and pride of life the trend of the day; Become one of the ‘peculiar people’, called out; The Breaking of Bread - commandment to remember the Lamb of God; Purpose? - Glorification of God; God glorified, man blessed; Be reconciled; Be separate; God or mammon; Consider your ways; Fight the good fight.

Built Upon Prophets and Apostles # 201

The position of true believers – Build upon the correct foundation – John bears witness – God manifested – Christ risen, given eternal life, departed – Belief upon the foundation of prophets and apostles – Endure tribulation – True fellowship.

"The Terror of the Lord" to Come # 215

Stir ourselves up – God’s gifts – Most precious gift, His Word – Exhortation – “The time of the Dead”, Christ’s return – The Judgment Seat – Forgiveness vs. Unforgiveness, sin of frailty vs. willful sin – Enemies of the Lord – Judgments of God upon man – New heaven and earth – Our confidence.

Things that are Not Seen # 216

God is truth – Reality not always perceived – Faithfully waiting – Obedience of commands – Reward to those who endure – Yours is the Kingdom of God.

Giving God Pleasure # 217

God presented to us in His word – Jeremiah and the Potter – Works – God NOT independent of action of His creatures – We are required to seek God – God’s pleasure in holiness – The gospel a summons – “Blessed” – “Life”.

Change and the Unchangeable # 218

Change our portion now – No change with God – “His wondrous works” more than creation – Christ our Lord – Called out – Few in number – The law and the testimony – Dr. Thomas – Are we among the chosen? – Love God and keep His commandments.

Distressed by Sin?  Overcome and Hope # 219

Our causes for joy – Our baptism – God’s offer – Forgiven sins – Comfort – Continue not in sin – An advocate – Cast thy burdens – Do not murmur – Cause for gladness.

Pearls from Proverbs # 220

Related to the Commonwealth of Israel – The spirit of Christ a must – Let the Word dwell richly – Daily exposure – What manner of people we ought to be –Riches, honor, life – Train up a child – Correction – To fear His name.

Breaking Bread Connects Past and Future # 222

Breaking of Bread a center – Consider – The institution of the Emblems – Passover – Two Songs of Moses – The Regeneration – Past and Future connected- The floods overflow – Partakers of holiness – His jewels – “Whom the Lord loveth, He chasteneth”.

Forsake Traditions, but Keep Commands # 223

A man of “no reputation” – A teacher come from God – Mechanical worship – Traditions of men – Come out from among them – Do the commands.

Present Evils Rectified in Future # 226

Keep the ordinances – First day of the week – “Remember me” – Man’s limited mind – Deity, the knowing and understanding of – God’s anger – Applying our hearts to wisdom – Evil will give way to godliness – “It pleased the Lord to bruise him” – “No evil shall befall thee”…the meaning.

God in Israel's History # 227

Among the Jews – The Hope of Israel – God is with them – History of  the Jews – Becoming fellow-heirs – Salvation is of the Jews – Remembering the Lord – Unprofitable servants – For His great mercy’s sake.

Triumphing Over Deceptive Appearances # 233

Pleasant anticipation – Future riches – The “must” and the “ought” – Our existence conditional – Humility of a child – All flesh grass – Belief/Faith – Appearance deceptive – Seek for knowledge and understanding – Overcoming – Remembrance.

Unpromising Chapters Contain Beautiful Truths # 238

Jesus kept in memory – Breaking of Bread until he come a MUST – The ladder of God’s Word -  The Lamb of the sacrifice – Conform to Christ’s image – “A sweet smelling savour” – Condemning sin – The only name – Lift up the hands.

Sunday Mornings Untitled

The Bible Enlightenment to All Generations – # 3

God’s Word preserved – Ignorance of the Word leads to degeneration – The Word a way of Light, Love, Salvation – Continually submit your minds to holy ideas – God’s intention to build a family – Evil now reigns – Forbear one another – Judge ourselves only – Contend earnestly – Tale bearers – Milk of the Word.

Believers of the Truth, Sons of God --# 5

The world knows not the sons of God – Divine things need a tranquil mind – Submission equals exceeding great riches – Belief and baptism – Study of the Word – Do everything as unto the Lord – Working from within – Leaning upon a broken staff vs. leaning upon The Rock – Faith – Glimpse of the future kingdom- Zeal a must.

He Shall Judge the Secrets of Men-- # 7

Called to righteousness – Difficulties – Standard of right, God’s will – Good or evil made manifest – TODAY is the time to serve the Lord – Study, reading, familiarize – Deeds, not “size” but “spirit” – Faithfulness – Christ the righteous Judge – With what measure ye mete – Give ourselves entirely to Christ – Patient continuance.

Behold, Our Great High Priest-- # 8

Seeing him by faith – A better understanding – The Lamb of God, the Lion of the tribe of Judah – God’s judgments – Our state of affairs – Endure wrong – Prepared and educated in God’s ways – Do good, refrain from harm – Work now being faithful stewards – The Lord’s return: three classes of people – Christ as a friend only to those who do as he has commanded.

Substance of the Gospel Preached:  Paul to the Corinthians-- # 9

The Greek philosophers, excellency of speech – Paul, plain spoken taught Christ crucified – Only way to salvation – Expiry of the Little Horn – Demonstration of the Spirit no longer – Steadfastness to the Word – Wisdom of the truth – Paul’s conscientiousness – By hearing the Word faith fills the heart – Eternal truth revealed by God in His Word.

The Doing of Christ's Words-- # 10

Forsake not the assembling of yourselves – In the world – Occasional solitude – Overcome the world – Keep in memory apostolically delivered things – “Do this in remembrance of me” a necessity for spiritual health – The symbols of the Table and fellowship with Christ – Under governmental authority now – Living peaceably with all men – Christ, our King – Do good, communicate.

 Peace with God Through Jesus Christ  # 13

Access to grace – Clean and unclean animals – A new creature in Christ – In mere men Elohistic qualities no longer seen – The immensity of God’s love – The resurrection – Christ, the Son.

Schisms within the Ecclesia  # 14

Gifts of the Spirit – Purpose completed – Paul condemns schism – Varied gifts – ALL members of equal value – High mindedness out of place – Things to be held in common – Love and benevolence – Overcome evil with good – Practice – All we have we have received … I am nothing of myself.

Continuing in Sound Doctrine  # 15

Message to the Gentiles – Take heed – Vain jangling/crotchets – The milk of the Word – Simplicity in Jesus – The end of the commandment – Unfeigned Charity – The still small voice – Continual exposure – Good conscience – Unfeigned faith.

 Be Ye Followers of God as Dear Children  # 16

Walk in love – Handling the Word deceitfully – Duty to declare truth – Our meat and drink – Not to be all milk and honey – Examples – Beware.

Prayer # 17

Use not vain repetitions – Elijah’s example – Effectualness of prayer – True devotion – Our Father in heaven – God hears the prayer of the righteous – The answer of a good conscience – Holy is HIS Name – The kingdom to come – Daily bread and good stewards – Forgive us our sins, lead us not into temptation – Prayer by rote – Pray without ceasing, be instant in prayer.

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