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Andys page of baseball cards, I buy/sell/trade. Rookies, Inserts, etc. PSA.

Hey Everyone! This page is dedicated to Baseball cards! I Hope you find what you are looking for here! I will try to update regularly, and if you have any suggestions, let me know.

Look at my want list and my list of cards, make offer on my cards in money or offer a trade, remember, that if you offer on my rookies in trade, I'll only accept other rookies, if you offer on my inserts you can either trade in rookies and/or inserts. I go by prices according to Beckett, and I trade cards equally in price, unless dealing with rookies and inserts. Thanx

My List of Cards.

My Want List.

And if you have any suggestions to my site, just let me know in a email or sign my guest book and tell me, thanks.


Hey, you may also use my guest book to post up to 2 entries for your want list and you list of cards (please try to keep it short), I am not responsable for anything that doesn't work out in there, just remember that you are going by your own risk by trading with people other than me.

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