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Here's is my song/poem of the month (so far):

Heliotrope Butterflies - by Aaron Wellls

Her eyes do dance like butterflies still

And her gaze, it pierces my night-shrouded will

The air doth burst, and around her fill

When she smiles, oh she smiles, and the world is still


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*Melissa is wondering if anyone knows anything about copyrighting written work. This would include what it is, what it covers, how much they cost, and how to get them. She would really appreciate your help. If you know anything, please e-mail her at, or e-mail me at

*Hope is looking for poems about angels. If you have any, or know where she can find some, please e-mail me at mailto:, and I will pass the message along to her.

*Laura is looking for the lyrics to a song by the group Big Punisher, called Still Not a Player. If you find them, or know where she could find them, please e-mail