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The Dusty Dog Canine Paper Collectibles
Old Dog Books, Magazines & Collector Cards

ALL-BREED out of print Dog Magazines and Specialty Catalogues FOR SALE
Purebred Dogs American Kennel GAZETTE plus our Canadian CANINE REVIEW (CR) and others!

NEW! - National and Regional Specialty pages from Canadian all-breed show catalogues!


These magazines were donated by Great Pyrenees fanciers and Canadian Show Dog list members for specific fundraising projects therefore they are offered "AS IS". Some of these magazines are premiere issues of breeds newly recognized by the AKC, others contain indepth breed features or National Specialty articles and photo essays. Proceeds from the sales of these magazines will benefit the Great Pyrenees Club of America Health Fund, and provide additional funds to fight Breed Specific Legislation in Canada.

Most magazines are between $3.00 and $6.00 Canadian funds. Email us for a specific price quote and current availability. *RESERVED* indicates magazines currently on hold that may become available. Watch this space for updates and bookmark it for easy reference. Use this page as a handy resource to find articles on your breed. Please see our WANTED LIST too - if you can help these people out let me know so I can connect you. Check out our other out-of-print dog book titles at our main page at The Dusty Dog.


To reserve your magazine(s) or to ask questions regarding these funds, emails can be directed to the Dusty Dog

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