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Weskyuwin CKC Perm. Reg'd since 1977

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Western Canada's home of the
Great Pyrenees & Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen breeds

FLASH!! WESKYUWIN MISTRHIA SHALANA is the proud mom of our latest addition - JOKER'S WESKYUWIN RAGTIME "Ragz"!

FLASH!! Watch for JAK winning in the Hound Group in the "BEST IN SHOW" Movie now released in major theatres!

WESKYUWIN kennels has been permanently registered with the CANADIAN KENNEL CLUB since 1977. We are proud of our achievements, both in and out of the show ring! We are dedicated to providing you with a valued, healthy companion while preserving the true conformation, character and working abilities of these breeds. Over 20 years experience in Great Pyrenees, with comprehensive written guarantees and lifetime assistance to our puppy buyers. The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is the newest addition to our menagerie. WESKYUWIN is a small kennel on Lulu Island in British Columbia. We only have the occassional litter and are willing to do referrals to responsible, member breeders. Consider, too, an older adult dog which are sometimes available through the breed's rescue programs.
Photo is of "Belle", one of our Livestock Guardian Dogs.


WESKYUWIN is home to the #2 PBGV in CANADA (1999 & 2000)- Multiple Best Puppy in Show and Group Winning -

"Jak" recently won BEST of WINNERS at the PBGV National Specialty show in the United States and is our fastest rising star!

...and on the way to their Canadian Championships -

Visit our favourite links to see our dogs or join us on eGroups for breed information from international sources.

Updated November 15, 2000.

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Education lays the best foundation for dog ownership - learn all you can BEFORE you buy. Seek out breed mentors, do extensive book research, learn the breed Standard, gain practical experience (watch conformation or obedience shows), and join a local or National breed Club to open personal lines of communication with other owners. A dog should only be considered after a careful analysis of your own lifestyle and whether the unique characteristics of the breed fits your needs. Keep in mind that these dogs have a life-span of 10 or more years and need proper care for all of it's lifetime. Be honest with yourself as to the dog's suitability to your home and family. Talk to, write, or visit as many breeders, or owners, as possible for first hand experiences in owning these breeds. Prepare a list of questions to ask the breeder and be prepared to answer some of their own. Buy a purebred dog from a CANADIAN KENNEL CLUB registered breeder who is also a member of a recognized breed Club. Choosing a responsible, caring breeder will ensure that your new dog comes from a planned breeding program that is designed to produce a family dog with good long-term health, sound structure, and stable temperaments. Establish a comfortable rapport with your breeder prior to the arrival of your dog. The breeder wants their dog to be placed in the best home possible and wants to match the right dog to you. See our links for further resources and articles on these breeds.


Clubs are an excellent source of invaluable breed information and support networks. Get involved! Clubs provide their members with social activities that you can participate in with your dog; newsletters full of educational health and training tips; personal assistance and advice on showing, grooming, behavioural problems, and the like.


My own Club affiliations are many. I am an active member in both the GREAT PYRENEES and PETIT BASSET GRIFFON VENDEEN CLUBS of AMERICA and serve as a Director and Archivist for the PETIT BASSET GRIFFON VENDEEN FANCIERS of CANADA. I am also a founding member of a soon-to-be-announced Great Pyrenees Emergency Medical Treatment Fund and current Rescue Co-ordinator for the PACIFIC RIM GREAT PYRENEES project. And, I am a 20+ year member of the most important club of all the CANADIAN KENNEL CLUB (CKC) our registering body. (not to be confused with the American version of the CKC, the Continental Kennel Club)

Drop us a line if you are considering adding a companion to your home or if you just want to "talk dog". We'd love to hear from you!

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