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Jamex Hood Lift

In case you haven't seen these yet, the Jamex Hood Lift kit replaces the factory hood prop rod with a pair of pneumatic lifters like the ones on the hatchback. This is a really easy way to dress up the engine bay without spending a bunch of cash. I know a lot of people have made their own kits using replacement struts from an auto parts store. While they work just fine, I think the Jamex kit, available polished and in a few colors, looks way better. It retails for about $55 but I got mine at a car show for only $35, actually making it cheaper than trying to piece it together myself.

What You'll Need

  1. One Jamex hood lift kit.
  2. A sharp knife.
  3. 10mm wrench.
  4. 13mm wrench.

That's it. See, I told you this was easy!
Yes, I know the picture shows a socket, but after I took the photo I realized wrenches are needed to install the kit parts.

The kit supplied instructions are decent once you stand in front of the car with the sheet in hand. This is basically a paraphrased set of instructions.

  1. Lift the hood and support it with the prop rod.(Duh!)
  2. Remove the upper bolt from the hood hinge and replace with a blunt ended bolt and washer from the kit.
  3. Next, remove the fender bolt at the front of the strut tower and replace with the pointed end bolt and washer from the kit.

  • Now remove the locking clips from the strut. There's one on each end. Just push the clip sideways, then slide it out of it's locating hole in the ball end.
  • Snap the strut into place, making sure the thicker end is to the top, and replace the locking clips.
  • Last, cut a notch in the foam bumper on the hood (just above the top of the strut) so it doesn't smash the strut when you close the hood.(see drawing C and photo below)