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Welcome to * Geoffrey * Poem Corner

# Speak out free

In time of life , I try to get out of an endless dream ,
imagine the Sky is blue and Ocean are clear . If we can
give Peace , Justice and Love a chance , maybe life can
live free on . Memory of the past are all precious , but
voiceless tears tell so much about life . Can you see with
your heart ? Can you feel with love ? Please don't crucify
me anymore , I just want to live as myself in faith . Do you
understand ? Have you realize ? Hope someday everyone
will be awake .

Time is running , so as our life . Let learn from the past ,
find the trath deep in ourself , then ..... move on .

- Poem written by : Geoffrey C.M. Chang - (M.08/Y.1998) -

# Feeling of life

Stars are shining to heaven .
Love can bring peace to life .
But when freedom was just a memory ,
sadness pain is all .
I'm running till the end of time ,
try to find my way .
I'm afraid of the darkness ,
the darkness in my life .
Feeling of love is happiness indeed ,
but my pain of loneness will never fade away .
Now I am running in darkness alone ,
trying to find my faith in me .

If all live in harmony ,
then all shall be one .
Open your mind to understand each other ,
believe yourself and trust what you do .
Memory will always be precious ,
" Freedom " soon will come .

- Poem written by : Geoffrey C.M. Chang - (M.11/D.28/Y.1998) -

# Life is a funny thing

Life is a funny thing
Happiness are not what use to be
Love is just a memory
Freedom is still a lie
Now my heart speak to me
The real are just a dream
But even life is a funny thing
Loving lives are still precious
Live in peace can be wild

Happiness is a thought | Love is a feeling | Freedom is a observe

- Poem written by : Geoffrey C.M. Chang - (M.05/D.25/Y.1999) -

Here is a poem to the one I love ,
she pest away in 1992 .

Time after time life will end
All the memory , all the dream
My love to you never fade
Can you hear me , can you see
Once I tell you love you so
Truthfully voices from my heart
So much happiness , so much tears
The time with you ever precious
Good - bye my love now I say
Hope heavenly father can set you free

- Poem written by : Geoffrey C.M. Chang - (M.06/D.01/Y.1999) -

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