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Welcome to My Duran Duran pages..I have been a fan for 20 years (it all started in 1984...for most of us) and I dedicate this website to Duran Duran and all the Duranies out there.. I hope you enjoy my website..You will find on this site that there are more pictures than anything else. I believe that duranies can never get enough pictures of the guys. Some pictures will stay some will go over time.. But my website will always be under construction..Please feel free and join my mailing list ..Thanks for taking the time to visit my site ENJOY!!!:)

There are THUD worthy pictures on this site...The webmaster will not be responsible for any injurys caused buy thudding or such...Enter at your own risk!!

I'm Back!!
Hello everyone...Symone here...I know its been a while since I have done any updates on this site.....With the news of the original five re-uniting..there has be so much going on..with thier MTV award,Q Award, tour and a new album (crosses fingers)...they are everywhere. I look forward to the new year ahead and MORE Duran..Congrats to the guys and all their sold out shows in the UK! Thanks to everyone that has been visiting my site..This site has reached over 20,000 hits..I do it all for you!Cheers!

Updated: January 30th 2004

New Updates!!!!!!...New Guestbook,Forum,Chatroom and greeting card service...ALSO cast you vote for you favorite Duran Below!!

The original five:
Roger Taylor, Andy Taylor, Simon Lebon ,John Taylor,and Nick Rhodes

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*****special thanks too all who contributed to my site ..I couldn't have done it without you..and extra, extra special thanks to DURAN DURAN for being my inspiration all these years*****

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