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Mr. Hoppy is Happy

Let's read the story

Mr Hoppy is a wonderful book for toddlers read the book or go to Tigerton Lynx. Tigerton Lynx has lots of, books for kids, preschool books, childrens stories, toddler books, books, games and educational places to visit. Kids love to go to our zoo. Take your toddler to the aquarium or into space with pictures from NASA. Our books for toddlers can be personalized with drawings or photos of or by your young child. Children love to read story books that include not just their name but include their photo or picture. We have fun books, silly books, educational books, books for learning, books for playing, and just books books books. Your preschooler will enjoy playing our educational games that develop memory and identification skills. Come on in and try us out and you will agree that Tigerton's place is a fun, educational and safe place for your child to play. Come on Kids lets go.

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