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Did you know...

  • Hideaki will release a single and starts his singing career soon!

  • Hideaki is currently filming a new drama called "Antique~Dessert Restaurant"

  • Hideaki is very popular among Johnny's Juniors.

  • It is estimated that Hideaki's drama, "Strawberry on the Shortcake" will push his career to a higher level.

  • Hideaki is currently filming a Japanese drama called "Strawberry on the shortcakes" with Kyoko.

  • Hideaki and the other Junior had a tour concert in the 3 famous Dome in Japan.

  • Hideaki, for the first time, is responsible for the designing of event for the tour concert.

  • Johnny's Company want him to be Takuya the second

  • He likes summer cos he doesn't have to worry about want to wear

  • He likes to wear T-shirt