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Ice Cube first ame out on the nwa album but he was not a fully signed member of the group and had left before staright outta compton was released.Cube helped to write Eazy Duz it as well.

Cubes Releases

Amerikkas Most Wanted,Death Certificate,Predator,Lethal Injection,War Disc and Peace Disc(release date coming soon)

Cube Infuriated a once loyal east coast following with a dis album by the WestSide Connection titled Bow Down. Cube helped Mack-10 and WC get some media coverage and know Mack One O has his own label Hoo-Bangin records and WC is doing well as well.

Cube has had beef with

From Cubes Interviews from various sources here are some answers to some interesting shit

asked-Looking back what are your best records

response-AmeriKKKas Most Wanted and Death Certificate.The records i dont like are the predator and Lethal Injection because with those two i was taking the whole rap game for granted.

asked-Many people say that you and Westside Connection fueled the whole east/west rivalary

Cube Replies:Doing that record it looked like we were siding with tupac and death row against Puffy and Bad Boy,but thats not the case.And never did we want to see any brothers hurt or killed.We was throwing the W sign long before that fued. And that record was not a fan record. It was a record geared straight to the rap industry on the east,cuz they got the most influence. If they diss a DJ Quik record but praise a Biggie Smalls record, and say gangsta rap is over and played out, and then a dude comes out and does the same thingand gets all the praise, well then we gotta stand up and say:ihold up! We see whats going on here! I someones trying to pull the rug from under us and basically shut us out of the market cuz when the media starts talkin like that, soon they'll stop writing stories on cus and stop playing our records.

Asked are Nwa responsible for gangsta rap

Cube says "Yeah There were a lot of signs that it was coming and i cant take away from what people like Ice-T and Schoolly D and Boogie Down Productions did, but i think we perfected it. We crystallized it.

asked will there be that promised NWA reunion

Cube says"Nah cuz dre doesnt want to do a record.I want to do the record,Ren wanna do it and, of course Yella wants to do it. But Dre doesnt want to do it.

The Above questions where asked just after he had directed his 98 film Players Club by Billy Jam for the Bay Guardian.



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