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This is a pic of my 1997 Z-28. It is fully loaded including leather, t-roofs, etc. It has the LT1 with an auto trans. Mods include a Moroso CAI, Flowmaster catback exhaust system, MAC headers/3" Y-pipe, 150hp NOS kit, MSD Digital 6+ ignition system, 36# SVO injectors, 236/242 Xtreme Comp Cam, Pro Mag rollers & 1.6 rockers, Trick Flow push rods, Cola 4340 stroker crank, Scat 4340 H-Beam rods, SLP 11.8:1 forged pistons, Titanium spring retainers, Cloys double roller timing chain, Meziere water pump, ARP bolts through-out, ported heads, 2800 stall converter, Trans-Go shift kit, 3.73 gears, BMR panhard rod, and SLP subframe connectors. Newly installed is a Moser 9" rear end with 3.89 gears, as well as a 255lphr fuel pump, and Sphone adjustable lower control arms & Sphone fully adjustable torque arm. The AIR & EGR have also been removed.

Well I have had it at the track a couple times this fall. I've had a few problems with traction, trans, etc.

My best run on the engine with (borrowed)slicks is 12.89&105mph.

My best run on the engine without slicks is 13.11@107mph.

My best so far with NOS and no slicks is 12.28@119mph.