Billy Corgan - Guitarist
Ron Roesing - Drums
Dale Meiners - Bass Guitarist

The Marked Demo Tape**
Bootlegged - The Marked Tape - Live***
Bootlegged - The Marked Tape - Studio***
Video Marked*

* Clips from the documentary video were used on the Smashing Pumpkins' Vieuphoria, which Billy Corgan was sued for in 2000. This video was recorded in Billy Corgan's apartment in St. Petersburg Florida in 1986.

** This release is out of print and isn't available at this moment, though there has been some news Ron is trying to contact Billy to get this and more releases out there. Some bootlegs of this demo tape are in circulation.

*** These 2 tapes have been leaking out slowly onto the internet. There are 5 or 6 mp3s out there, you just have to look and ask around to find them. Be patient eventually I'll have real audios of these and they'll be available by other means soon.

The Marked was a gothic band that formed in Chicago. The Marked played a few gigs in the Chicago area until they moved to Florida in hopes to get a bigger fan base. The band name was obtained from Billy's semi-famious strawberry red birthmark on his left arm and Ron's birthmark. The band played through 1986 and quit a little later due to not being sucessful.

A year of so later after the break up in 1988 Billy Corgan, James Iha, and Ron Roesing were set to play at Chicago 21 as The Smashing Pumpkins. Although Ron Roesing couldn't make it due to illiness, so he programmed the drum machine used at the concert. The next gig Ron couldn't make it again so he programmed the drum machine again. Ron was in the band when D'arcy joined. Sometime after that Jimmy C. took over on drums. Later in 1994 the Marked would come up again in the Smashing Pumpkins video, Vieuphoria. Billy explained the Marked was about, the same thing as The Smashing Pumpkins, loud songs and quite songs. In 2000 year again the Marked entered into the spotlight as a lawsuit from Jonathan Morrill, owner of J.M. Productions.

(there are many more than this, but this is all I'm aware of so far.)
8 Miles High [Byrds]
Alone Inside
Anima Animus
Christmas Song
Cling to Me in Dreamtime
Dali Holds the Hands of God
Dance Hit #4
A Day at the Circus
Death of a Mind (Early Version of Sun)
Didn't Care at All
Down I Am
The Dream
Fade on Violet
Fire [Hendrix]
Girl I Never Loved
I Can't See You
I Love You
I Pray for More
Life and Death
Mastery + Conjecture
Mao Say Tongue #1
Mao Say Tongue #2
Murder Mix
Must I Really Love You?
No Answer
Passion to Despise
Pictures of Phillip
Saturday Morning
Scary Neurotic Song
Song for Jonathan
Spinning Like a Top
Stained Glass Window
Tibetan Party
The Trance
The Way That I Do
Zieg Hiel