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The wonderful, brilliant Cohen, Scott Cohen

The wonderful, brilliant Cohen, Scott Cohen

Occasionally there emerges an actor out of the teen throbs and popular favorites that captures our hearts, an actor who can make us smile and cry, Laugh and scream. On NBC the usual TV/movie aired, before it was the NBC movies Merlin and The Odyssey. But this time it was Tenth Kingdom, a fairy tale story of mystery and love. The story was good and the cast was great, but it was the beautiful performance of the wolf, Scott Cohen that captured the audience. The former star of Private Parts, and Law & Order is a rising phoenix that is going places. Keep your eye on this actor. Buy the NBC movie the Tenth Kingdom, send me photos, and to his biography, please e-mail me about my site. I have photos, biography, and more from me the twisted mind of me.

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Click to hear his voice

and here!

Hey ckeck out the new tenth kingdom download music video and bloopers(scott so funny.) here Plus a picture of scott's beautiful wife in the gallery(me so jealous).

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I love this picture, this prince waits for his princess from NBC's the Tenth Kingdom.

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