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The photo above is JR & I at Cruisers Diner in Langley BC.

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Several years ago I began a special journey back to the future. Through a special government agency I was reunited with 5 sisters and 2 brothers. Being separated at birth, we had never met each other in over 40 years, so it has been quite the amazing journey. Please visit the BC Adoption Reunion Registry and contact me by email or ICQ if you have any questions about this process.
BC Adoption Reunion Registry

Meet my special friend JR. He's been my favourite guy since 1999. Together we enjoy visiting Pubs, hiking, gardening, drives and watching science fiction TV.
JR's interests include 60's & 70s music, Route 66 and classic cars. Come visit his special groups, work, and and see some places where we go hiking and spend time on the weekends. Everyone should have someone wonderful in their lives-- I'm so glad I do.

Canadian Route 66 Association

For several years I have worked with special needs adults in a day program. Interesting work reaching for goals for our clients. Visit the company website

I worked in this career for 11 years. As a Community Home Support Worker, I assisted people in their homes with housework, childcare, outings, and lots of other stuff. Time does go by fast when you're having fun!


My last pet- Kerri, was a silver-gray Tabby, 11 yrs old. She showed up at my door as a kitten, during the 1994 Winter Olympics, so was named after Nancy Kerrigan or Olympic skate fame. I've owned a cat most of my life and could fill a page on this topic alone!

One of my earlier expeditions with pets-- Our dog Tinker, a cat named Ginger with her kittens. Circa-early 1960s

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