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Rec.Boats.Paddle (RBP) Links of Interest

For lost or stolen boats, check out or

Equipment Buy/Sell
Wildrock Boatwerks
Ottawa Whitewater Paddler
Paint Island Canoe & Kayak
White water videos

Other pages:
Penobscot Paddle and Chowder Society
Anacortes Kayak Tours (Washington State)
Alpine Whitewater Francaise
Outdoor Excursions - Potomac River area
Red Moshannon Canoe Race
Wilko's paddling page!
Calleva Paddling
Small World Adventures
Tao of Paddling
Mountainbuzz's Colorado Kayaking
The Monocacy Canoe Club, and Paddle Prattle
Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association
Bristol Canoe Club
Who's who on RBP
Sea kayaking FAQ
Common Acronyms to impress fellow NG'ers with

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