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I am Thomas Hahn, 32 years old. I've started paddling whitewater (k1) and kayak-polo in 91 at the sporting faculty of my university in Munich. In 92 I got my first boat (Eskimo Gattino, big big boat).
In 93 I was for some time in Boston and did some rivers with the Boston AMC chapter. Still remembering a run on the Dead in Maine, beeing the only kayaker with 14 open boaters. Was a very good time. 94 till 98 I paddled a prijon hurricaine and for the last year a Necky Jive.
I'm living 50 km south of Munich, Germany. I prefer low volume technical rivers with difficulty up to IV. Some weeks ago, having been for the first time in corsica at great conditions I enjoyed also doing some V's.

But I'm more a lurker than a poster.