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I'm fairly new to kayaking, though I've wanted to do it for years, ever since a white-water rafting trip on the Ocoee (sp?) with some coworkers. We were rafting along, feeling all adventurous and stuff, until I saw some kayakers playing, and suddenly, the raft was a bus, and I was in love with a new sport.

But I didn't live near water, or have time (whine, whine), and years passed. Then on a trip to Monterey, I went kayaking a couple of times, and then on a trip to the Poconos, I went again... but two months ago, I moved to Connecticut, and last month I bought a kayak (a red Storm), and I've been trying to learn here on the Sound.

It's not white-water, but it's fun. And someday I'll live near enough to a decent river to learn how to do that.

Happy paddling, Some guy in CT

"A Tempest, Gules".