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My name is Ted, age 32, living in the Netherlands, between The Hague and Rotterdam. I work as an aircraft maintenance technician. Living together with boaterbabe Diana for many years now, no kids yet, there is one due for August :-)

We started kayakking about 7 years ago with a course on the Ubaye river in France. We have been doing courses for quite some years, and still enjoy whitewater a lot. We limit difficulty to grade 4 maximum, and we like to play our way down. Most of the time we practice kayaksurfing nowadays, luckily we live pretty close to the coast, and are members of the best surfingclub in the Netherlands :-)

We have had a fair amount of boats, Diana started with a Pyranha Rotobat, then a Perception Sabre, a Rainbow Circus and nowadays a Prijon Alien. I started out with a Eskimo Gattino, then a Prijon Hurricane and nowadays a Perception Whiplash. Recently I tried a 3D, which I liked a lot, so I'm started to think about upgrading to a more modern boat. Perhaps a Wavesport Z, though Wavesport tends to be really expensive over here....



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