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My name is Sylvain Fauvel. I just got 40 years old and have been
paddling OC1 and OC2 for about 7 years (mostly class II and III with
occasional IV). I mostly lurk on RBP but post once in a while.
I probably checked RBP for the first time when i started paddling
seriously but i can't remember exactly when. This made me realize
i dont know when RBP was created. Anyone does?
I have been in a kayak a few time in the 80's but never got to
do it seriously. I paddled flat water occasionally and read
all of Bill Mason books when i was young but never did any
tripping or left for more than an hour or two. Around 1992 i
joined the "Club des aventuriers du Quebec" for hiking and
XC skiing and had my first tandem classes. I have been paddling
regularly with the club since then. I am on the water almost
every week-end of spring and summer and did several week long
expeditions in the wilderness. I also attended several canoing
and river rescue courses, lead a few trips every year and got
involved in my club organization.

I have been paddling a Dagger Caption solo for five years and
will probably buy another one when i get tired of patching it.
I paddle almost exclusively in the province of Quebec, around
Montreal and Quebec City. I have been as far as north of Lac
Saint Jean and paddled only a few time in the US.


Sylvain Fauvel

Club des Aventuriers du Quebec. (514)342-5388