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Hi All! Steve Jernigan here. I'm 44 and live in Palmer Lake Colorado. I am a semiconductor process and process equipment engineer, and run the Microelectronics Research Laboratory at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. I'm an outdoor kinda guy, rockclimbing, mountaineering, dirt biking, mountain biking; XC skiing and snowmobiling in the winter, the usual stuff. Lately, these activities have had to take somewhat of a back seat, as I have discovered that I also like to paddle. M'ladys fault, really; she talked me into getting a canoe to take on vacation, just something to take fishing, you understand. I quickly discovered that I'd rather paddle than fish, and the Ms. quickly discovered "trolling". ;-) Demoed and fell in love with a wenonah prism solo boat. Subsequently, so did Judy, resulting in my needing to get another solo, a used C1W. The kids are learning to paddle the tandem, and a wee little Blackhawk Zephyr solo boat. We hope to do some week-long canoe trips this season (way more fun than backpacking for a week . . .), and maybe head north for the summer in a couple of years. Judy is also an electrical engineer specializing in microwave communications systems. We share a love of the outdoors and enjoy many of the same activities. In addition, we are both licensed amateur radio operators. I am licensed as KG0MB, Judy is KC0BVA. Our household is rounded out with the two young'ns aged 10 and 12; Judys from a previous marriage. Also, two dogs, four bunnies, two very tame rats, a green iguana, three fat goldfish, two crawdaddies, a parakeet, a cranky amazon parrot, and a large black cricket named Ronnie. Life is good.
ByeBye! S.
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