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I'm 38, and I live in Boulder, Colorado. I paddle mostly whitewater, mostly in a kayak. My first
whitewater experience was paddling a tandem canoe in Indiana as a teenager. I got into kayaking
via whitewater rafting, but moved to kayaking
when it became too difficult to get enough people to raft.

This is my third season kayaking, and I'm starting on class IV runs (at low water). Latest was
Screaming Quarter Mile on Clear Creek (Colorado). I still have lots of fun on Class II & III runs, though, and I'd like to do more multi-day tripping. I suppose I kayak somewhere between 50 and 100 days a year (I'd rather boat than count.).

Favorite runs:

Arkansas River (Colorado), Fractions/Frog Rock @ 1000 cfs

Taylor River (Colorado), Rosy Lane @ 500 cfs

Cache La Poudre River (Colorado), Rustic to Narrows @ 3.5ft (Pinevu gauge)

Most memorable paddling experience:

23 day wilderness paddle rafting trip with Outward Bound on the

Green (Utah) and Yampa (Colorado) Rivers (Dinosaur National Monument and

Desolation, Gray, Labyrinth, and Stillwater Canyons).

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Steve Culy
Visual Numerics, Inc. voice:(303)245-5328