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My name is Scott, and I'm just shy of 26. I live out west in Eugene, Oregon. Moved out here from Maine about two and a half years ago. Been lovin' it ever since! Got into boating a year and 7 months ago. In that time I have gone from a Corsica Matrix, to a Necky Rip, to a Stubby (which I still have), and the latest addition, the X. Funny, I never knew a thing about kayaking in Maine, then move to Oregon, and fell into the sport. Then I find out that Maine has beautiful white water. Ironic. Like many people, kayaking has become a passion for me. I'm on the water every chance I get. I paddle up to IV+, but I mainly playboat. We have some great rivers here in Oregon, and the boating community is nothing short of awesome. I've met some of the best people in my life through this sport. Hope to see ya'll on the river some day!