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I am a mostly lurker. I'm 45 yrs old, have paddled something (including coleman canoe) most of my life on and off. During a Colorado stint, I guided rafts on the Cache la Poudre, and have been on several multi- day raft trips as a client.

After moving to North Carolina almost 3 years ago, I found a big hole in my life ... no good source of adreneline. No big mountains filled with powdery snow, no walls of rock tho hang off. So I finally took up kayaking, and have been hitting the rivers for over a year now.

I highly recommend it!

Personal junk: Female, two grown stepkids, partnered (11 yr) with another kayaker (we started hitting the water together). I'm also into bc skiing, blading ramps, climbing... none of which are as available to me here so I don't do enough. When I am not on a river, I tend to be playing ultimate.

Thanks for asking!