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I'm a single 52 year-old computer nerd. Been boating only seven years. Paddle Class II-IV whitewater, with the odd Class V.0 rapid thrown in. I boat a Dagger Ocoee, Dagger Rival, or Savage Skeeter, depending upon the type of water, and I shall be first in line for one of Dagger's new Phantoms this summer. I boat an average of 100 days a year (excluding instruction, safety, and rolling sessions) and teach four or five weekend-long river safety and rescue classes each year. Most of my boating is in the Appalachians, from North Georgia to the Adirondacks, though I try to get in a longer road-trip to Canada or the Rockies once a year.

Richard Hopley, #39, OC"-1"; concise and to the point, as usual. Rockville, Maryland, USA, BBM; (301) 330-8265
Nothing really matters except Boats, Sex, and Rock'n'Roll.