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My name is Natalie Fahning. I am 42 years old. I live in Cross Creek, FL with my two sweet birds and teach at a high school in Gainesville, FL. I've always been on the water in some form or another including surfing, living on a 36' yawl, 4 years in the Coast Guard (2nd class boatswain mate), white water rafting in eastern Oregon, to my current water transportation a sea kayak. Living on the Creek, I have access to two large old Florida lakes, Orange Lake and Lake Lochaloosa. The scenery is beautiful with the tannic water, variety of wildlife including alligators, ospreys, eagles, sand hill cranes, cypress trees with spanish moss hanging from the branches. Although life here is great my dreams are to move out west to northern CA, Oregon, or Washington. I love to hike and the scenery out there can't be beat, IMHO. I like to do river trips so an inflatable kayak will be in my future.

I would like to get into another career since I'm burn-out in the one I'm in but haven't decided on what to do. Once that decision is made it's 'Westward Ho.'

Some of the paddling I've done include local rivers, the Everglades, and Savanaha, GA marshes. Before moving out west, I would like to paddle off Nova Scotia and/or the Maine islands. If not before but definitely after moving, I want to take some time and paddle the inside passage. Until then it's life on the Creek with trips out west to have adventures with friends and family who have already made the move.

Glad someone asked this question. It's been nice getting to know y'll. (the southern slang gets a lot of laughs when visiting out west) 8^)