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My name is Mike Sloan. I have been paddling for about 20 years. Would have started earlier, but my father's law partner drowned in Mule Creek Canyon on the Rogue River at about the time I wanted to start spending time on the river.

Set the time table back a few years. Taught myself how to roll in my swimming pool when I was in High School, then learned to paddle with Ledyard Canoe Club in my senior year at College. Switched from kayak to C1 about 14 years ago after hurting my back running Great Falls. Couldn't sit in a kayak, but didn't see any reason to stop paddling. Met my true love Melissa sitting in the eddy at Rocky Island on the Potomac waiting to surf. Outdoors activities (generally paddling, but also biking, hiking, skiing, and climbing) represent the foundation of my physical and mental health.