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As most inhabitants of RBP know I am actually still that stubborn, obnoxious 29 year old kid that plays polo and likes to paddle the North Sea Surf (I'm from the Netherlands, Europe) and occaisionally some white water. Love to do more WW but currently I lack the time to do so..

Playing for Natsec (div 2 team), we currently train 6 times a week. This training consists of a lot of indoor wall climbing which has actually led to me having a second hobby now :-)

Just for the record: I started out paddling when I was 12 after a teacher at school took the entire class out for a day of paddling. After some initial flatwater racing I got into playing polo. Currently I am involved in getting new people to play polo and work for the Dutch Canoe Association (NKB). During working hours I spend my time as a computer programmer which is a lot of fun too and allows me to recover from yesterday's training ;-)

Happy paddling all,