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My name, in case someone hasn't figured it out, is Mike Noyes. I am 40 years old, and have been paddling for about 25 years now. I started in a 15 foot Coleman (my father still has it) and moved up from there. I was bit by the kayak bug about six years ago, purchasing an Aquaterra Gemini for me, and a Keowee for my daughter. I then got an MI designs 380 whitewater boat, doing some mild whitewater. But my real interest is sea kayaking and canoe camping. My current two favorite boats are a Current Designs Caribou and a Riverjammer Kingfisher (16 foot fiberglass canoe.)
In my current stable are 4 kayaks (1 sea, 1 whitewater, 2 recreational) 2 canoes, 1 john boat, and a 20 foot jet boat. The Caribou gets most of the attention.
Despite the length of time that I have been paddling I do not consider myself and advanced paddler. In fact I put myself in the novice class.


Paddling along through fog so thick that only one's thoughts are visible, your reverie is abruptly shattered by the ancient cry of a great
blue heron as she lifts uncertainly from the brilliant blue of a mussel-shell beach witnessed only by the brooding, wet spruce....your passage home seems as much back through time as it does through space. Mark H Hunt