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Hello everyone! I'm Melissa, 41, living for the moment in Ocean Shores, WA (considering a move to Alaska). I'm a Baroque 'cellist (currently taking a break from performing). I've played since I was very young, and shall continue until I'm dust.

I'm relatively new to paddling (about three years), but in this short time, I've put thousands of hours in my wake. Ever since I first climbed into a kayak, I knew I had another life-long passion. From that first day, I've paddled almost every day - year-round, for 3 to 8 hours a day. I paddle a Current Designs Caribou (pre-skeg, thankfully), and I love my 'boo! Her name, by the way, is Bonny Wee Boaty. You can see a picture of me and Boaty on the cover of Sea Kayaker Magazine, April '99. (Some have complained about my lack of helmet in the shot, and they are quite right to do so - that won't happen again). I love Yak surfing as well, and hope to get a 'surf boat' soon, but for now, I'm very happy surfing with the 'boo - she surfs very nicely indeed! There's a large bay where I live (Grays Harbor), and we have eight resident grey whales here. I paddle with them almost every day, and we've become good friends. I feel very privileged to have such magnificent friends.