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I'm Marc, I'm 30, and I've been WW kayaking for a little over a year now. Not a whole lot of time compared to the folks on this newsgroup, but I like to think that getting out 2-4 times a week has given me enough river miles to have a little experience... What can I say, the sport is highly addictive and has litterally changed my lifestyle.

I also owe meeting my true love to this sport! She's incredible, she's beautiful, and she kayaks! Perfection.

I can mostly be found on northwestern rivers (Washington, Oregon, Idaho), and mostly on class III+/IV. I haven't worked up enough nerve to try any class V, and don't really have that much a desire to yet. I figure there's always enough time to get into harder stuff later. Regardless, washington has to be the most beautiful state I've been to, and the paddling here is exceptional. I highly recommend it...

I typically donate at least one day a week to helping with the Mountaineers kayaking classes. I've found instructing, teaching the roll, and running support for beginners on their first trips to be highly rewarding. It's great to give back to people just getting into the sport!

Until recently I paddled an ARC (my first boat), but have recently moved up to a Z. I'm rediscovering the sport again as I gradually try to get more and more into rodeo... It's wonderful to discover a whole new dimension to the sport beyond river running.

'tis about it!

A few of my kayaking pictures can be found at




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