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The Mad Canoeist "I was born in 1953. I'm married & the father of 4.

I started paddling in flimsy homebuilt skin & frame kayaks as a teenager. Later I designed & built a rather unique 18' tandem strip kayak & used it for several years for tripping in Killarney Provincial Park. Then I built a plywood solo kayak - fast, extremely tippy, weathervaned badly. I did one 90 km trip in it.

I switched to canoes in '90 mainly because you can't put a family in a kayak. I have a Western Canoeing Clipper Tripper & two homebuilt stitch & glue solo canoes.

I like week long canoe trips in Algonquin or anywhere well away from cottages, motorboats, etc. I like paddling swamps, slow streams, the occasional easy rapids, small lakes. I also like winter camping.

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--------- Lloyd Bowles
The Mad Canoeist
"Keep the open side up!"