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The Dirty Dozen: 12 IAQs (Infrequently Asked Questions) of Larry K.
1. Age: "49. Yeah, I know I don't look it, but for the first time in my life I'm starting to feel it. I'm also getting a little testy about all these membership invitations I'm starting to receive from AARP."

2. Home: "Born and raised in Louisville, KY. Last 22 years in Denver, CO area."

3. Comfort Zones: "Locked in on a front surf on a pure glass wave (Class III - IV). Close second is skiing deep powder between perfectly spaced Ponderosa pines."

4. Phobias: "Marriage. Did it twice, didn't like it either time."

5. If I Forgot Your Name, How Would I Describe You to Your Friends So They Would Know Who I Was Talking About?: "Funny guy, very outgoing, but major food wimp--wouldn't eat anything spicy like Mexican or Cajun."

6. Smartest Decision You Ever Made: "Don't smoke, don't drink and have never done drugs. I have enough trouble climbing stairs and finding my car in parking lots without chemical interference."

7. Equipment: "Dagger Animas (me), Corsica S (soon-to-be ex and step-daughter), Dagger Response (YOURS for $100 or best offer. Still good teaching or flat water boat despite hairline crack in cockpit rim.) Honorable mention: Volkl Snow Rangers, 190 cm.

8. Favorite Scene: "Right after Butch and Sundance get off the train in Bolivia. Butch, surveying the blighted landscape tries to put a positive spin on the situation: 'Well, ya know it could be worse. You get a lot more for your money in Bolivia. I checked on it.' Responds Sundance: 'What could they have here that you could possibly want to buy?"

9. Time Travel: " Arkansas River: 2 hrs. 30 mins.; Cache La Poudre: 1 hr. 30 mins.; Clear Creek: 40 mins.; Green & Yampa in Dinosaur Natl. Monument, approx. 6 hrs."

10. Unfulfilled Fantasies: "Surfing the North Shore of Oahu and watching a live shuttle launch at Kennedy Space Center."

11. Theme Songs: "Everybody Loves a Clown, Gary Lewis; Crazy, Patsy Cline; Dirty Laundry, Don Henley; Surfing USA, The Beach Boys.

12. If I Wanted to Stereotype You By Occupational Category, What Should I Know: "20 years experience as a magazine writer, photographer and corporate communications specialist in public relations and graphic design. Former customer service agent for regional airline. Graduate, Republican National Committee Campaign Managment College. Currently working as Account Manager for Optical Networking for major telecommunications firm......Good luck."

Larry K.