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I'm Julie Keller, single, 37 years old, and live in Atlanta, Georgia. I have been paddling canoes since I was in 4th grade. I started paddling aluminum canoes with my family on the Brule River in Northern Wisconsin. In the mid-80's my ex-husband and I started paddling tandem in a Blue Hole OCA on class II rivers in Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. As soon as Dagger opened up shop we bought a Dimension and loved it. Paddled lots of whitewater for about 10 years and went through three Dimension's. He left two years ago and I started paddling a Dagger Rival. Last year I paddled 130 days including multi-day trips on the Grand Canyon, Yampa Canyon, and Rogue River. I'm packing to head to Europe for the month of June, then on to Colorado and Idaho for the rest of the summer.
Julie Keller