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Starting a Midwest paddler's thread:

I'm John Kuthe (pronounced COO-thee), I'm 39 (how'd that happen?), I've been paddling for 6+ years, having started on canoe-full-of-beer float trips on the beautiful rivers of the Missouri Ozarks. Seeking the adrenaline rush, I graduated from pushing barge-like canoes around with an inneffectual single-bladed pole to a Kiwi Kopapa, in which I found more fun on the river than I ever could have imagined! I began dragging my son Zachary around, plopping him in a Kopapa at the age of 6 (he's now 11, and paddling a Blast). I paddle(d)/own(ed) the following:


My home river is the Saint Francis, 100 miles south of St Louis, my home city. I joined the Missouri Whitewater Association, our local club, and discovered it's true name is "The MWA ... and *driving* club", and have boated rivers in CO, TN, NC, WVA, AR, IN and Costa Rica (no, we flew, silly!)

I'm a real pain in the neck, especially on the following message board:

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