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Jim Stuart Curriculum Vitae

Favorite creek: Sideling Hill @1000CFS Best run: Upper Yough @3.2' Sang Run
Favorite quote: "If you want to go there - - - go there!" [Dutch Downey]

First exposed to the host carrier in summer of 1955 (age 5) in the Chesapeake Bay. Method of transmission was direct contact, but pathogenesis was likely a variant of the Piscataway strain. Indications exhibited soon after, expressed as unsuccessful attempt to construct a bamboo frame and skin kayak.

A canvas K2 appeared in 1962, and the fever escalated to WW in 1963 [Klepper T67]. An acute, full blown, severe outbreak began in 1964, with the incubation period having run its course. Proper conditions for activity was provided, and abnormal temperature and pulse peaked in the late 1960's. Continuous conditions of IV/V up to grade VI required exploratory research, classification, naming descriptions and documentation. Excesses were mitigated by slalom, wildwater, and flatwater [K1, K2, K4, C1, C2, and OCs all of strange and unusual design], with the response mediation partially successful.

Acute contact dermatitis side effects developed in late 1960s, and1970s, brought on by catalyzing the reactions between substrates during obsessive kayak propagation. Production of molds, hulls, decks was stimulated, accompanied by proliferation of blade, seal, and skullcap (etc.) technologies. Other disturbing symptoms included compulsive organizational psychoses, which differentiated into coaching, organizing, judging, course gate-keeping [CCA, LFWC, BCE, ACA, PATC, AWA, ICF].

A period of remission and dormancy ensued due to MMDD (Military/Marriage/Discharge/Divorce), followed by single parenting. Immune suppressor activated, and animation was suspended. Son Jonathan Leander (now 22) has less lethal saturation, but effects may be latent. His destiny appears to march to a different drummer.

The persistent course of relapse has settled down to chronic levels, but potency is consistent, with flashes of retrograde exuberance. Interesting, but inconclusive therapies include biking, packing, raft guiding, climbing, skating, ice-yachting, and snow skiing. Systemic habituation is fully integrated, and needed for all life functions. Current episodic frequency is four (4) days per week

An alarming recent development is the appearance of bizarre zoomorphic and petroglyphic rashes on equipment and shuttle vehicle, accompanied by unexplained imperative to move to New Mexico.

There is no cure. There is no treatment. There is no spoon!*

* [Take the BLUE pill!]