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(According to Wilko)

Top row, left to right:
Wilko van den Bergh (moustache), David "Mack-Daddy/FallZboater" Mackintosh carrying Sullivan Mackintosh (sticking her thumb up), Richard "Oci-One Kanubi" Hopley (with the greyish moustache), Jay Herbig (the one face that's hidden behind Colleen, at least I think that's Jay), Colleen Davies, Michael "Mikel" Wellman (blue helmet), Pete "Yakdad" Chapelle (wearing glasses and carrying his daughter).

Second row from the back:
Dougie Jaeger (in the yellow PFD), Anne-Marie "Mickie" Matula with the yellow cap, Rebecca Lightning (standing in front of me), Kathy "Mothra" Streletzky, Sheila "Yakmom" Chapelle (blue helmet with sunvisor and purple PFD) and Jeff Miller (the short guy with the cap and the red T-shirt ).

Last but nor least, the Chapelle kids in the front:
Seth (yellow PFD), Sean (white helmet) and Laurel (brown helmet and blue PFD) are standing, Zoe who's dangling from Pete's arms, and Mariah (who is standing all the way in the front, examining her thumb closely).

Now let's see how many names I misspelled or allotted to the wrong people. :-)