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We're Lisa (age 36), Gene (age 56), Mary-Kathryn (age 11) & Robyn (age 9) We all paddle k1. We all like whitewater. Gene's been paddling for over 40 years. He started with an open boat then moved to the kayak. He was my instructor 5 years ago. That's how we met. We got married almost 2 years ago on the James River in Richmond, VA. On a summer Saturday morning, we met with our friends at the take out, set shuttle and ran to First Break at the Top of Belle Isle where the Magistrate was waiting for us. You haven't seen anything until you've seen an entire wedding party decked (no pun of course!) out in skirts, helmets and pfd's forming an archway of paddles! The "ceremony" was performed and we all got back in our boats and finished the run. The river was just below flood stage so it was rockin' and rollin'. We had the first reception in the take-out parking lot, then we all loaded up (again no pun intended!) and headed over to the local microbrewery called "Legends" for reception number two. Our wedding bands are shaped like kayak paddles. You might say we're hooked!
My daughters started paddling about 2 years ago. They are getting really good at it. The older on paddles a Blast, the younger an Epi Tike. They'll probably be out running us next year! If you want to see some pictures go to