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My name is Frank Fichtmueller, I'm 49 and live in Southern Germany right in sight of the Lake of Constance (some 70 x 15 kms - more?) at the western end, the so called "Untersee" Opposite of me - I just see it from my window is the swiss border. I use a Klepper Aerius I Exp. and do what we call in german "Wanderfahren" - about 1000 - 1200 kms / year since 1995
Though it might be a bit difficult I wouldnt mind hosting one or another of you and tour with you over here [call 0049-7735-2074 or 0049-7735-2776 to get you from the train]. At the moment it is rather exiting to kajak over here since the Lake of Constance - like most southern german rivers and lakes - is approximately 180 cms above regular and 70 cms above high water level. What about kajaking Steckborns Main Street next week? Frank