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Hello fellow RBPers. I'm Edward Hansen, 25 years old. I'm a bit of a newbie.... I've been paddling since October 1998, (approx). That at least is as long as I've been Kayaking. I've enjoyed paddling around canoes and rowboats off and on through the years I was in the Boy Scouts and many family vacations in and around Utah, where I grew up.
It was July or August of '98 that I was on a rafting trip through Browns Canyon on the Arkansas River here in Colorado that I saw a dozon too many whitewater kayaks seeming to have more fun than me that kinda sorta forced me to have a strong desire to try it out. I finally got around to it in October. One pool session and I was hooked.

I'm active duty military, (Ft. Carson, Colorado), and the outdoor recreation program offered $6-one hour classes. They gave one class each weekend, and after 3 classes they told me my on and of side rolls were strong enough for lake water trial..... Did that and a week or two later I was on my first moving water... The Parkdale run above The Royal Gorge on The Arkansas River.

I learned in a Dagger Animas, though the government fundage gave the program about a dozen ww kayaks to chose from, Stubby, Piedra, Animas, Frankenstein, RPM, and others that I can't remember. (all use covered in the $6, to include all gear) a great deal!!! anyway....

I bought my boat in November(?) a good used Croassfire and have since been down the Parkdale run about 18 or so times, The Royal Garge twice to date and up on the Northfork of the South Platte once, and just waiting for the water to return before I go back to play in the boulder field and all the drops again.

I have also been to the Clearcreek whitewater park in Golden CO. There.. that's it... small list, I know.

One of the best thing a beginner can do is join an organized club, and I found and joined Pikes Peak Whitewater Club.

They had about 3 months or weekly, 2 hour pool practices that I found helpful to find paddling buddies, I enjoyed the rool practice too, although my rolls (to include handrolls) were pretty good since I was boating all winter long and hadn't given any "cobwebs" a chance to form yet.

I invested in a bunch of cold-weather gear at the same time I got my boat, so even a day that is snowing can be a good paddle day.

I classify myself as a class III-IV whitewater boater, and have been down soom class V's, or so they tell me. (parts of the Gorge, North Fork.)

That's pretty much my story in what brings me to the sport and where I am now,
--ps. I'm always looking for paddle buddies.....SYOTR! or