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RealDriftr; as appeared on the cover of Paddler Magazine, Feb '95

Nearing 57: built my first boat - a dog of a canvas covered 'yak - from plans in Popular Mechanics - about 1958 - first tripped on the Monongahela dodging steam powered (HONEST!) paddle wheel tugs pushing coal barges, about 1959.

My first introduction to white water was when I saw Emory Kolb's movie at Grand Canyon Village about 1957, at age 14. Seemed like something I'd want to do.

Made my living guiding river trips since '73. California, Utah, Arizona etc, and this is my 22nd season guiding Grand
Canyon rowing trips for Arizona Raft Adventures. So far have spent about 10% of my life in the Grand Canyon and my only regret is that I didn't start sooner.

The wife and I own and use the following boats: inflatable kayaks (one each); rafts (16' and 18'); sea kayaks (one each + an extra); Grumman 17' square stern canoe; misc "toy store" inflatables for canyoneering - 2; etc.

I spend 25-35% of my time "on the water" somewhere....Class I to ClassIV..and Riverman really needs to write the definitive account of our Class V put-in on the Verde sometime...

Live in Flagstaff, AZ...

"RealDriftr" Smith