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I am Dave Petterson, although I sign as 'Dave P' and my devestatingly original screen name is 'petterd.'  Someday I'll think up a cooler screen name.

I'm 32 and I live and paddle in Portland, Oregon. I can frequently be seen swimming holes and drops on the Clackamas and Sandy Rivers following an orange Old Town canoe. I used to be a canoe guide and instructor for a wilderness program in northen Minnesota and did extended backcountry river trips all over the Northcountry of US and Canada.  These days I have a real grown up job as a computer dork and am tying to get the hang of this recreational weekend whitewater thing-- which ain't easy for an OC1er out here in butt boater/rafter country.

So if you see a guy in an orange canoe with a red helmet out here, say howdy, and keep that throw rope handy!

Dave P