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Dan Colodney:

Sorry, no picture available just now but sometime soon perhaps.  I've been paddling since the age of nine ... and that was a loooong time ago.  I'm an ACA Coastal kayak Instructor, teaching locally --- Edenton, N.C and guiding trips in Maine and Canada.  I live too far from the white water of western North Carolina to get my elderly Corsica Matrix wet much these days but am always hopeful for an opportunity.  I typically spend a month or two canoeing the rivers of the Northwest Territories and northern Ontario with my dog Murphy but the rest of the year .. when not kayaking the coast of Maine or Canada I can be found surfing the waters of the Outer Banks or kayaking the Albemarle sound and flat water rivers feeding it.  My tools of the trade are a Valley Pintail, NDK Romany and P&H Sirius.