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Conor O'Neill, aged 35. Occasional poster on, but finds
that there is too much dross in the newsgroup to keep up with it

Started paddling (kayaking) around age 12 in the Scouts, on flat water
(canals and lakes). At university I progressed to slalom and white
water, but dislocated my shoulder 3 times and so stopped paddling. I
carried on as an active social member of the canoe club.

Five years later I started paddling again, with Bristol Canoe Club here
in the UK. Progressed into whitewater and slalom again, then dislocated
my shoulder again when surfing. I have had an operation to strengthen
this shoulder, and now paddle 'normally'. I met my wife Lisa through the
canoe club. We paddle rivers up to grade 4, and I reached div 3 slalom
while Lisa reached div 2, but we no longer bother with slalom given the
BCU's attitude to paddlers and clubs. Bristol Canoe club is very active,
with over 100 members, so we end up paddling most weekends. Lisa also
plays canoe polo with the club.

Conor O'Neill, at home in Bristol, UK
Bristol Canoe Club Web Page: