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Chris Walters, UK, 32y.o., freshly married (to a paddler), always lurking on RBP, rarely post though. You'll find me more often on UKRBP.
I've been paddling for 15 years now. Boats: Pyranha Mountain 300, RPM, Speedy WWR.

Most of my paddling is now up to grade 3+ to 4-, although I've paddled harder. Still enjoy the freedom of paddling and the friendship that it brings. Can do without the major (and minor) thrills now though! Love the annual trip to the French Alps to catch sunshine and guaranteed white water, together with the cuisine and company (hello to the US contingent who'll be around in mid-June).

With all these resumes, is there anyone offering to preserve for posterity, maybe a "RBP People FAQ" - it would be a shame not to let new members of our community "in on the secret" and would make us less "cliquey" to newcomers.

Cheers, Chris


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Chris Walters