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My name is Byron Funnell. I was born in 1962, making me 37 currently. While in college (1983) a buddy of mine and I went to Quetico for two weeks. After that I said that if I ever did another canoe trip it would be on a river. My wife, Pat, talked me into going on a whitewater canoe trip w/ some friends in 1989. Got hooked about two trips later. Now I make it out about 25 days per year.

We live in the relatively flat NE Indiana. We have lots of choices as far as whitewater, but they are all 8-12 hours awaay. We have paddled in 13 states so far. Our boat selection is currently Mohawk Viper12, Mohawk Viper11, Dagger Encore, Dagger Atom, Hydra Duet, and an old wood and canvas boat that needs restored.

We have had several great trips w/ other R.B.P. boaters and are looking forward to more.


-- Byron Funnell - The CADMaker
Byron Funnell