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Hi all,

Bob Johnson , 42, from W.Mass. Married for 21yrs, father of 2, 1 in college, 1 will be a senior in HS next fall. I'm a discontented computer tech. Thinking about moving south and finding a new job in the next year or so. Started canoeing about 8 years ago when the knees started to give out (too many steroids when I came down with athsma) and I could no longer safely backpack or mountain climb. Paddling flatwater and mild rivers was a good replacment although I still hike alot, but have to keep it on the tame side now. Picked up a 16' Ranger fiberglass job as my first boat, and have added a solo Osprey I built 2 winters ago when I started to run into times I wanted to go tripping but couldn't find anyone else to go. I get what amounts to 6 wks off a year so I go quite a bit. So far my trips have averaged 4-5 days and I've only done Maine and the Adirondacks in NY. To tell the truth I now prefer canoe camping to backpacking now, I can take quite a bit more comforts in the canoe... Took a lesson on ww canoeing a couple weeks ago as I'm running into more and more while tripping , I was scared shit when we got into a nasty 3+ spot but can't wait to try it again. After finding out first hand how hard it is to ww in a canoe we're thinking about trying out a yak. Although that won't help me while tripping, but it looks like fun. Currently looking into picking up a plastic 16"-1"7'er of some sort ( I like the Swift DeMoine) for more intense tripping. I'll see how it goes on the St.Croix this year, I'd like to look into some canadian rivers starting next year.