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I am Beth Thompson, 42, single, with an 8 yo daughter. I'm now an emerging graphic designer and advertising business owner in the wilds of Sylva, NC--only an hour from the Chattooga. I learned to paddle 3 years ago from my deceased partner, Ed Green, who started me in a ducky and then put me in his old Freefall. When he bought the Godzilla he died in, I got the Gravity, and the Scott Shipley racing paddle (now if I could get the Scott moves down....). I worked for the infamous Vladimir Vanha when he had Noah boats in Bryson City in the early 80's, but since I was married at the time to a redneck non-adventurer, I didn't try it.
Now I'm working back up to Class III-IV water, and want to make my first Section IV trip this summer. I love to travel, write, and meet new people--there's never enough time for all the stuff I want to do! Amy loves whitewater too, but needs some work before I'll let her take the ducky out alone.
Currently seeking out new worlds to explore...and boater dudes too...there's a hole where my heart once was.

> Carpe ropum.

I thought that this meant "seize the rope" as "carpe diem" means "seize the day."
Live as though every day were the last, love as
though there will never be another moment together. Beth Thompson