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My name is Ben. Can't seem to get a handle on my age or shoe size, it appears that the memory loss caused by my adolescent drug abuse is, uh, ummm, yeah.

Anyways, I like to paddle steep creeks that are safe. So if anyone knows of one, please let me know!!

I trade boats like they're baseball cards, though I have been known to paddle the same boat for six months at a time.

My favorite place to paddle is the Watauga Gorge, though I spend a lot (too much?) of my time at our local play hole (McCoy Falls).

Before I was obsessed with paddling, I skied, climbed, and biked all over the West Coast. Now I paddle and paddle; is there anything else?!

Been living in SW Virginia for the past five years, and working my damndest to get back to the West where life is good!!

I have worked as a carpenter, ski instructor (bum), urban planner, professor, community activist, and all around fixit guy. Spent most of the past fifteen years in Academia, one way or another (I just can't take it anymore!!!). So, I'm Looking for work and keeping my options open. I hear Knoxville is nice place to live!

I have a steady partner going on six years, a cat that eats a bunny/squirrel a day, two dogs who like to play with the cat, and no aspirations to have children (sorry dad, but one mistake is enough!!).

Pet Peeve: People who use cell phones while driving; probably the same *&@#$% who tailgate and run red lights!!

Oh yeah, I like controversy and think I know it all!!