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My name is Baron Stephens, I'm 35 years old, and have been paddling for 3 years now.
I started the day after Christmas, paddling an Old Town Appalachian with my black Lab, "Roxie". Immediately we became addicted to white water paddling, although I had become a fairly proficient paddler, it wasn't until the first time that I paddled with a club that I realized people did not paddle in jeans and flannel shirts. : ) Hell, I could paddle class III and not get wet, but after my 67th river trip (or by the end May) I made the switch to the "Dark Side". Currently I consider myself a solid class IV boater, and paddle mainly in the southeast. My alter ego has been sighted on picnic tables at many campgrounds preaching about the wonders of the river and the power of belief.
Because if you beleeive you might swim, you most certainly will!!

However, for the newbie paddler, we'll let them consider it a Baptism! : )

Just rember, when your riding on the highway of faith, and headed towards the put-in of life, the glorious and righteous pastor of the paddle, the one and only Rev. Will E. Paddlemore may be there to great you. And, when you see him just shout out, "AMEN"!

Keep the Faith, for it is better to save than be saved.